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Elements of Nevada Legal Theories

It's back in third edition, it's expanded and updated, and it's better than ever! This concise guide provides the elements of Nevada's most frequently pleaded common law and statutory claims, together with supplemental information for each claim that covers facts, proof, remedies and damages. A new section adds applicable statutes of limitation where possible. Now utilized and valued by attorneys and judges throughout Nevada.
329 pages; 6"x9"

$66.00 (Includes Shipping, Handling and Sales Tax)

A Litigator's Guide to Nevada Evidentiary Objections

Got that objection on the tip of your tongue but can't quite remember it? Instantly find the right objection to make during the heat of battle during trial with this laminated, hole-punched, one-page guide in your trial notebook! Organized logically, and cross-referenced to the Federal Rules of Evidence as well as Nevada's evidence statutes.
1 laminated page for three-ring binder; 8.5"x11"

$31.00 (Includes Shipping, Handling and Sales Tax)

A Litigator's Guide to Nevada Rules of Evidence

This handy little book is for every busy trial attorney, whether you practice in Federal Court or in State Court. We know of no other source which tracks both Nevada and the Federal Rules of evidence in one source! With this pocket book, litigators will be able to instantly translate their knowledge of federal rules to Nevada's statutes, or look up the rule/statute based on the concept.
40 pages; 4.25"x6.85"

$36.00 (Includes Shipping, Handling and Sales Tax)

Nevada State Court Litigation Checklist

This invaluable checklist will guide you through all the steps you need to take as a litigator from client intake to verdict. Even if you have practiced for many years, this guide will streamline your practice and allow you to mentor younger attorneys, saving you countless hours while teaching your attorneys the valuable lessons that normally take decades to learn. This is a must for all litigators who are serious about refining their skills and truly preparing for every case like it is going to trial.
82 pages; 6"x9"

$56.00 (Includes Shipping, Handling and Sales Tax)

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